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Monday, October 29, 2012

Filipina Fiancee and trips to Foreign Countries

Since my last post many things have occurred in my life.  From the dull and boring to the crazy and exciting.  I have purchased a new semi, set up a headquarters office for my business, traveled to exotic foreign countries and become engaged to a Filipina Lady.

First off in December 2011, I traded in my 2006 Kenworth T2000 for a 2012 Volvo VNL780 Semi that was used as Volvo' show and literature semi.  It is loaded with features and chrome. It will be a much better truck to spend life on the road with.

In January 2012. I met my future wife online and started a daily Skype conversation which led me to take a trip to the Philippines in April 2012.  For the first time in my life I took a trans-oceanic flight and visited a foreign country.  While I was there for three weeks I live in a Nipa Hut (bamboo house) bathed with collected rain water from a barrel and had the most relaxing time of my life.  I also rode a Honda Beat motorbike in an area where traffic laws are disregarded.  Rode in the back of a Jeepney, rode as a passenger in a peddle tricycle (poor peddler) and swam in a sea of water that was warm enough to bathe in.  I was treated very well by my now Fiancee and her family.

In June 2012 I leased a property for my company headquarters in Blaine, Washington and currently have a friend setting it up for me.  It is large enough for me to park my semi-tractor inside and has a office upstairs. 

I will try and post more often but have been awfully busy with plans and preparations to bring my Fiancee to America.  I have also been busy working to earn the money to pay for all this.

Till next time....Jimbo